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Licorice is derived from the sweet root of several species of Glycyrrhiza native in warmer climates around the world. As far as we can ascertain, the first recorded use of the root of the licorice plant began in the third century B.C. in Greece.

True Licorice is always black, although at Licorice Man, we carry what we call "Un-Licorice" as well. Un-Licorice is the fruit flavored chewy candy made by licorice companies to satisfy the taste buds of those lacking appreciation for the tasty black treat.


We also stock a full range of British Imports

and Vintage Candies in our Retro Room.

There, you'll find many flavors and brand names

you will recognize from your childhood. 

We also have a large variety of Taffy, light

assorted, extremely hot and even Sugar Free!

So we invite you shop for your favorites at

Licorice Man and take time to enjoy Guthrie,

Oklahoma's First Capital and a perfect place

to learn about Oklahoma's history!

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